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WONCA Europe 2015 promotion committee held registration lotteries during the past months, where various congresses were visited around the world to promote WONCA Europe 2015 Conference.

The lotteries were held at congresses in Prague, Lisboa, Kuching,Sarajevo, Serbia and Hamburg in the past months and the final lottery was held for the applicants through our congress website. Please find below the winners



Lottery During WONCA 2013 Prague 20th World Congress

June 25-29, 2014, Prague

Winner: Dr. Dianne Chamber, Australia
1st Runner-up: Dr. Lubica Pavelin, Croatio
2nd Runner-up: Dr. Ricardo Reocid Martines, Spain


Lottery During 19th WONCA Europe 2014 Lisboa

July 2-5, 2014 Lisboa

Winner: Dr. Anna Maria Murante, Italy
1st Runner-up: Dr. Maria Joao Canavez Deixoto, Portugal
2nd Runner-up: Dr. Cecilia Shinn, Portugal


Lottery During WONCA Asia Pasific Regional Conference 2014

May 21-24, 2014, Kuching, Malaysia

Winner: Dr. Chandana Jagath Kumara Garu Muni, Sri Lanka

1st Runner-up: Dr. Marjorie Cross, Australia

2nd Runner-up: Dr. Mulyana Boestan, Indonesia


Lottery During 48th German Congress Genaral practice and Family Medicine

September 18-20, 2014, Hamburg

Winner: Dr. Lorenz, Gernot, University Tubingen
1st Runner-up: Dr. Dominik Hahu, University of Marburg
2nd Runner-up: Dr. Strusio Moriz, University Clinic Hamburg


Lottery During III Congress AGPFMSEE, Sarajevo September 18 -21, 2014 and Sarajevo 5th Congress of Serbian Genaral Practice, October 2-5 2014, Belgrad

Winner: Dr. Jelena Rudnicki Kondic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
1st Runner-up: Dr. Ivana Marjanovuc, Serbia
2nd Runner-up: Dr. Merzika Hodzic, Montenogro


Lottery During DSAM The Danish Collage of Family Physicians Meeting, Laegedage 2014

November 10-14, 2014, Copenhagen

Winner: Dr. Anders Luckow, Laegohiser Rosler, Denmark
1st runner up: Dr. Michael Worm
2nd runner up: Dr. Kirstine Brandtt


Lottery During 45. Kongress für Allegemeinmedizin 2014

November 27-29, Graz

Winner: Dr. Heinrich Kieweg
1st runner up: Dr. Axel Neuner
2nd runner up: Dr. Johanna Bernard


Lottery During 9th French Congress of General Practice

26-28 March 2015, Paris

Winner: Bernardo Cecilou, France
1st runner up: Yildiz Habibe, France
2nd runner up: Bessoul Ammar, Algeria


Lottery During National Congress of SNMF, Romanian National Society Family Medicine

25-28 March 2015, Bucharest

Winner: Ceiculesu Calin Mhai, Romania
1st runner up: Anastasiu Titu Andrei, Romania
2nd runner up: Barbulescu Carmen-Angela, Romania

Lottery During 13th WONCA Rural Health Conference, 2015

15-16 April 2015, Dubrovnik

Winner: Jadranka Komadina – Gacic, Croatia
1st runner up: Slobodan Oluic, Croatia
2nd runner up: Igor Debesui, Macedonia

Lottery During WONCA 2nd East Mediteranean Family Medicine Congress

30 April – 2 May 2015, Dubai

Winner: Aml Ahmed Salama, Egypt
1st runner up: Yaser Mohamed Khalil Abdullah, UAE
2nd runner up: Ahd Shahin, UAE


October 2014
Winner: Dr. Eva Irene Maglonzo, Philippines
1st Runner-up: Dr. Shayma Ahmed, Iraq
2nd Runner-up: Dr. Laura Maldaryta, Lithuania

November 2014
Winner: Tuba Onat, Turkey
1st runner up: Ignat Stana, Romania
2nd runner up: Cinzia Sarti, Finland

December 2014
Winner: Hamdene Abdelaziz, Tunusia
1st runner up: Mariana Leite, Portugal
2nd runner up: Hamilton, Australia

January 2015
Winner: Sara Magalhve, Portugal
1st runner up: Kyle Hoedebecke, USA
2nd runner up: Omar, Ireland

February 2015
Winner: Vitor Ferreira, Portugal
1st runner up: Zora Kurti, Kosova
2nd runner up: Piret Leht, Estonia

March 2015
Winner: Vincent Ted Leon, USA
1st runner up: Ghioalda Mihai Ion, Romania
2nd runner up: Latifa Adarmouch, Morocco

April 2015
Winner: Veronica Parent Mathias, Spain
1st runner up: Firdous Jahan, Oman
2nd runner up: David Kupka, Czech Republic


The winners will be contacted (if not already contacted) by the organizing secretariat for confirmation and details.

The promotion committee would like to thank everybody for their great interest.
Do not forget to look for the announcement for the next lottery.