The Obligation of the International Doctor Community in the Face of the Syrian Crisis

Recently there was a question posed to me about how importnat it was for us to recognize the role of doctors – and the international doctors community – in the face of the Syrian crisis.

Many doctors join organizations such as Doctors without Borders – to address the issues going on all over the world – however the bigger question and issue is the point of doctors when a true tragedy strikes.

The displacement of immigrants – not to mention the injuries that have been suffered by civilians – and not even including the soldiers – in Syria – has been immense. The fight is still ongoing and unfortunately there is not much happening to show that it will quiet down anytime soon.

Both sides have dug in their heels – and to help is to invite retribution from the other side to which you help. Trying to be of assistnace can lead doctors into tight spots.

The solution does not seem to be presenting itself in a logical manner any time in the future – and this will be discussed at our upcoming conference – how exactly to treat and go into a warzone and help people. Many countries have opened their doors to the immigrants from Syria – the question is – how will we be able to enter these war zones and enact the most positive benefit without putting doctors at risk and stop them from helping others down the line.

This is a long and complicated question – and with ISIS being crushed it can feel like the Syrian war is over – but make no mistake – the fight is still on going and as doctors we need to ensure that we can come in and help each side – whether it’s the revolutionaries or Assad – to help them make peace and love each other.

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